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Welcome to your Journey...

The healing journey of your inner landscapes:  You. 

Shamanic Healing is the practice of energy medicine. Shamanic healing has been used as a tool for many thousands of years by many cultures for the purpose of healing, using Spirit as our guide. The work of Inner Renaissance is based upon the teachings of various healers from around the world, including renowned author and teacher Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. of the Four Winds Society, David Elliott, author of The Reluctant Healer, and numerous others who have crossed our paths.

               Services Include:

Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Past Life Clearings, Healing the Light Body, Chakra Cleansing, Rebirthing, Deleting old negative patterns & stories from the energetic field, meridian alignments, healing & deleting stories from your lineage which no longer serves you or your children:

* One-On-One Healing Sessions & Coaching. We have clients from all over the world who call in for the work. Or in-person for deeper teachings. *Remote or in person. 

* Couples Sessions & Coaching. Clearing chakras, cleansing old patterns & past relationships, disconnecting old chords, untangling new relationship chords, soul alignments, etc., *Remote or in person.

* Group Ceremony Sessions & Teaching.

* Property Clearing of Paranormal and/or Spirit Activity, Property Blessing, exorcism of dark, parasitic and/or demonic energies. Assisting spirits, or ghosts to move on. *Remote or in person.

* Business Clearing / Business Spiritual Launching & Coaching. Includes cleansing and blessing mission/vision statements, team intentions and team building, process/organizational clearing from operations, manufacturing, service, accounting, marketing, etc. *Remote or in person.

*On rare occasions, certain energies require in-person cleansing, depending upon each individual situation. Determination can be made remotely. 

One healing session, lasting as little as one hour (on the phone or in person), can cause the miraculous unraveling of the emotional chains - in the form of stories, programs, belief systems - that tend to grab hold of a person’s life throughout their entire lifetime. The healing focuses on the releasing of toxins from the energetic or luminous field through the chakra system. In the process of the release work, emotional wounds and "stories" or "blocks" are literally deleted from the energetic field, the emotional body and the cellular system in the physical body. These emotional toxins often manifest into very real and physical pains or illnesses such as cancer, migraines, and the propensity for accidents, financial loss, relationship failures and even severe addictions to drugs, alcohol or other destructive behaviors.

Our clients include those who are just starting off on their path of transformation (seekers), through highly adept spiritual and leadership professionals, healers, high level business/personal coaches, inspirational speakers, trainers and executives who touch the lives of many. We heal both the individual and your organization; as your personal life will be reflected into your business systems, both in physical plant and residential space clearing and in the energetics of their business maps and mission statements in order to cleanse and clear for new beginnings or in order to clear the way for a new level of conscious clientele and friendships to move easily into the experience of your life. Now.

Once the removal of these energies takes place, you will be free to step into your healed state. Let us be your guide as you step into the man or woman you are becoming, and into a new world of peaceful, blissful living. Let us be your guide as you step into the creative process of re-creating You. We will aid you in the remapping of your life, your destiny…your journey. Welcome to your Inner Renaissance. Where you control your destiny. Where you begin to create the life of your dreams, and beyond anything you'd previously dared to dream of. This is your birth right.

As you begin to thrive, others will follow… You becomes We...

As we heal, we heal the planet . . .

This journey will open up new avenues for you to see, to walk upon.A new renaissance, or new beginning and even rebirth will occur as you open yourself up to this path of healing.

Let us be your guide into your Inner Renaissance…

If you are ready, then let us embark on the adventure of your life. It will be our pleasure to guide you and teach you the way of the healed.

Phone sessions and private personal sessions are offered.  

Please telephone (949) 370-7113 for a private session, or email below. We look forward to assisting you in the transformation of your life. We perform soul retrieval, past life journeys, soul journeys, extractions (fluid extractions and crystalized extractions), destiny retrievals, writing a new contract for yourself. Finally, claim the life you deserve.  

In Munay,

Jacqueline Coburn